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Versatec Spectrum. 

The versatile color hard copy 


Spectrum— the color hard copy 
printer/plotter that does it all. 

Now, a full spectrum of color is yours with 
the newest Versatec electrostatic color 
printer/plotter— Spectrum. 

Spectrum serves as a high quality plotter, a 
versatile CRT hard copy device or a fast 
printer— all in one printer/plotter. With the 
quiet, reliable operation of electrostatic 
plotting. And with Versatec's proven electro- 
static color plotting techniques. 

Plot brilliant color charts in one minute. Print 
fast data listings or reports at 17 pages per 
minute. Or copy your display terminal- 
all with the same versatile hard copy unit- 

Only Versatec Spectrum handles any mix of 
graphics or text on A (11 " x 8 1 /2") or B 
(11 " x 17") size output, in color or mono- 
chrome. Spectrum can also accommodate 
297mm wide media to produce A4 (297mm x 
210mm) and A3 (297mm x 420mm) output 
for international operation. And you can 
print over 200 pages without changing paper 
or replenishing toners. 

Spectrum enables shared usage and com- 
plements most popular workstations. Like all 
Versatec electrostatic plotters, Spectrum is 
compatible with most systems and supports 
remote operation. 

Small unit size— Versatec Spectrum can be 
placed on a desk, or on an optional floor 

The Versatec advantage. 

Versatec Spectrum provides these 

• high speed, independent of plot density 

• unattended operation 

• reliable operation with lower maintenance 
than other technologies (no pens to be 
cleaned or inked) 

• high speed controllers off-load rasterization 
from host computers 

• Versatec supplies assures output quality 
and protects plotting system life 

• backed by the leader in electrostatic color 
plotting— shipping monochrome electro- 
static plotters since 1970— color, since 

• Versatec service located worldwide to 
protect your system uptime 

Higher resolution. 

Choose from plotters offering 200 or 400 
point per inch resolution— and without loss 
of plotting speed. Use 200 point per inch 
resolution for CAD, mechanical drawings 
or electrical schematics. Long the industry 
standard, 200 point per inch resolution 

Bar Chart 

enables sharp, full color copies. Higher 
resolution— 400 point per inch— enables 
smoother curves, improved character for- 
mation—important for such applications as 
graphics arts, VLSI design and solids model- 
ing. Higher resolution also makes available 
more addressable dots for a broader range 
of color. Only Spectrum offers a choice 
enabling you to select the resolution needed 
for your application. 

Plotting performance you can 
count on. 

Any image that can be digitized can be 
plotted. Versatec Spectrum speed is a func- 
tion of paper movement, not mechanical 
pens or drums. Schematics, maps, charts, 
on paper or film, can be produced with high, 
200 or 400 point per inch resolution. Plot 
times are independent of data density. 
Versatec Spectrum produces an 11 " x 8V2" 
page in full color in 75 seconds or an 11 " 
x 17" page, in less than 90 seconds. 

Use graphics to create legends, analyze 
data, compare information, easily identify 
trends. Color adds a new dimension to 
your data. It allows faster, more accurate 
decisions. Color enhances reports and pres- 


entations. Spectrum saves hours of repeti- 
tious drawing; while enabling you to make 
changes within seconds. 

Unattended operation. Leave Spectrum in 
operation overnight to produce complex 
charts without worry of jets clogging, pens 
skipping, ink donor rolls wrinkling, paper 
jamming or supplies running out. A dedi- 
cated operator is not needed. Spectrum 
provides the versatility and throughput 
ssing in other units. 


Hard copy that's not hard to get. 

Get a full color hard copy record for analysis 
or presentation with your Versatec Spec- 
trum. Copy your monochrome or color CRT 
display. You'll see data represented in detail. 
An optional video controller includes a 
frame buffer enabling images to be captured 
in less than one second. You or others can 
continue to work with the display as one 
or multiple copies are produced. 

A parallel data multiplexer allows users to 
daisy-chain additional video controllers 
to capture images from multiple video 
sources. It also allows Spectrum to be con- 
nected to a host computer so one Spectrum 
can be shared among printing, plotting and 
CRT hardcopy. 

Hard copy you can keep— Versatec Spectrum 
hard copies are archival and won't fade with 
time. And if security is an issue— you need 
not worry about a negative image on donor 
rolls or ribbons being copied or read. 


Fast printer. 

Need a copy in a hurry? Versatec Spectrum 
produces an 11" x 8V2" page in mono- 
chrome in 5 seconds or an 11 " x 17" page in 
monochrome in 10 seconds. Spectrum 
emulates Versatec's V-80 printer/plotter. 
Monochrome output can also be continuous 
for long plots such as well logs or PERT/ 
CPM charts. 

Software listings, parts lists, reports and 
other text are produced with a built-in char- 
acter generator at 1100 lines per minute/ 
17 pages per minute. Characters are well- 
formed using a 16 x 20 dot matrix on 200 
point per inch plotters and 32 x 40 on 400 
point per inch plotters for improved charac- 
ter definition and easy readability. Print 
132 characters on an 11" x 8 1 /2" page for 
easier handling and filing. No need to make 
reduced copies of standard line printer 

Only Versatec Spectrum can handle any mix 
of graphics or text on A (11 " x 8V2") or B 
(11 " x 17") size output, in color or mono- 
chrome in response to the input data stream. 
And you can print over 200 pages without 
changing paper or replenishing toners. Oper- 
ator intervention is not needed to change 

paper, add paper, change pens or ink donor 
rolls when switching among color and mono- 
chrome, A or B or continuous output. 

Your choice of media. 

Three popular media are available for 
Spectrum— enabling you to maximize system 
productivity and budget. Choose clear film 
for mapping overlays, or overhead transpar- 
encies. Opaque paper, clear and matte 
film can be used in both monochrome and 
color modes. 


Many popular computer systems and soft- 
ware support output to Versatec plotters. 
Additionally, Spectrum is compatible with 
both Versatec color and monochrome plot- 
ters—enabling you to make the most of your 











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A full spectrum of functions 
from one device. 

Here's how it operates. 

Spectrum draws without pens or nozzles. 
Instead, solid colors that would take hours or 
be impossible to produce on a pen plotter, 
can be produced in under a minute. Versatec 
software provides for seven line colors and 
256 pre-defined area colors. An additional 
256 colors may be defined by the user out 
of a possible palette of over 1000 colors. 
Color shading is added without loss of 
plotting speed. 

Programmed voltage is applied to an array 
of densely spaced writing nibs embedded in 
the writing head. Upon digital command, 
the nibs selectively create electrostatic dots 
on the paper as it passes over the head. 
The paper is then exposed to liquid toner, 
producing a permanent image. The output is 
dry and ready for use as it emerges. Color 
quality is archival and will not fade with time. 

A multiple pass technique is used to produce 
multi-color output. Each pass writes one 
color and automatically rewinds to plot start- 
ing position. Four passes, each writing one 
color from one of four toning stations, 
overlay the four colors. Automatic precision 
tracking maintains registration. 

An integral media cutter, provides crisp 
copies cut to your specification. Cutter oper- 
ation can be automatic (A or B size plots) 
or to specified length under program control. 
Output is stacked underneath the plotter in 
the optional floor stand. 

An internally generated test pattern helps 
isolate printer/plotter problems— minimizing 
possible system downtime. 

Simple operator control minimizes operator 
training time so you can concentrate on 
your work— not learning to use a new system. 

Features to fit your need. 

Several features are available to ensure your 
color hard copy fits your needs. Let us 
demonstrate these standard features and 
show you how they can fit your needs: 

Mirror image— enables image reversal, 
particularly useful for creating film overlays 
or enhancing output for blue-line 

Line enhancement— provides wider line 
widths for added emphasis or higher contrast 
when producing photo copies, blue-line 
reproductions or microfilm. 

Raster data translator— allows selection of 
100 point per inch data input on 200 point per 
inch plotters and 200 point per inch data 
input on 400 point per inch units. 

These options are available and enable 
flexible, cost effective operation: 

Optional character sets. 

Floor stand — positions Spectrum for easy 
use, collecting all output neatly. 

Easy interface. 

We've been designing interfaces to drive 
electrostatic plotters since 1969. The list of 
compatible computers continues to grow. 

Interfaces and controllers link Spectrum with 
specific computer and operating systems. 
These data handlers provide electrical and 
physical connection between the computer 
and the plotter. 

CRT hard copy controllers enable production 
of hard copy from most popular storage 
tube and raster scan displays. 

Remote communications controllers and 
fiber optics modems allow data over tele- 
communications lines. 

Raster Processing Machine (RPM) offloads 
rasterization from the host computer when 
plotting complex graphics. Low cost, mid- 
range and high performance processors 
allow users to match performance with 

V-80 printer/plotter emulation— up to 1100 
lines per minute printing and continuous 
monochrome plotting. 

Compatible with other Versatec color plot- 
ters—accepts Versatec color data protocol. 

Multiplexers— help share input and/or output 
resources including computers, data sources, 
and printer/plotters. 



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Support when you need it. 

Software support. 

Integrated Versaplot software packages 
make it easy to get your electrostatic plotter 
in operation. Fast FORTRAN-callable sub- 
routines compatible with basic pen plotter 
routines allow most user and commercial 
programs to be used with Spectrum. 

Supplies features. 

Electrographic supplies for Spectrum have 
been developed specifically by Versatec. 
Choose from three media— including opaque 
paper or clear and matte back film. Toner 
replacement is kept simple— just add one 
bottle of toner to the reservoir. The toner low 
light indicates which toner reservoir is low. 
A valve on each toner bottle ensures toner 
flows only when the bottle is pressed into the 
reservoir. This valve eliminates spills and 
facilitates quick, clean toner replenishment. 
This special patented system* was devel- 
oped for ease of use. Uncertain as to the 
type of supplies needed? Call toll free (800) 
538-6468 or in California call toll free (800) 
672-3307. Supplies sales professionals can 
answer your questions on supplies media, 
inventory assistance and storage. Regional 
warehouses expedite your order. 

Easy to maintain. 

Low parts count and modular design con- 
tribute to reliability and rapid identification 
and repair should a fault occur. Diagnostics 
are included for testing and simple mainte- 
nance. However, if you would like additional 
support, you can choose from one of the 
many available service plans. 


Your system performance is important to us. 
Versatec has conveniently located service 
centers that provide prompt, qualified instal- 
lation. Versatec offers several service 
packages including a choice of on-call or full 
maintenance service plans. For specific 
information about service centers in the 
United States and worldwide, please call 
your local Versatec sales engineer. 


Ask about our special OEM support. Call 
(800) 538-6477 or in California, call (800) 


* Patent pending. 

Spectrum specifications 



dual array writing head 


40,000 points per square inch (200 ppi) 160,000 points per square inch (400 ppi) 

Toner colors: 

Black, cyan, magenta, yellow 

Plotting speed: 

2 1 /2 inches per second 

Paper width: 

11 inches or 297 mm 

Copy time: 

A-size (11 " x 8V2") 75 sec (color); 5 sec (monochrome) 

B-size (11 " x 17") 90 sec (color); 10 sec (monochrome) 

A4-size (297mm x 210mm) 75 sec. (color); 5 sec (monochrome) 

A3-size (297mm x 420mm) 90 sec (color); 10 sec (monochrome) 


Standard Versatec parallel; Versatec color data protocol; V-80 emulation in monochrome 


Opaque paper 

Clear and matte back film 

Specifications subject to change. 


(prints, plots, produces CRT hard copy) 

« output flexibility 

(A or B size pages, color or monochrome, 
text or graphics) 

« cost per copy 

(as low as 7<M0$ in full color— 3C-5C in monochrome- 
less than ink jet, pen or thermal transfer color output.) 

^f easy to use 

(fast, quiet, high quality output) 

w choice of media 

(three to choose from including opaque paper and clear film) 

/ maintenance 
(easy to change media; fast, clean toner replenishment) 

(toll free numbers and order assistance) 

(worldwide service support) 

w\\ installation 

(software and controllers, available) 

m y 


trust in company 

(specialists since 1969— over 40,000 installations 

around the world) 



Versatec Headquarters 
2710 Walsh Avenue 
Santa Clara, CA 95051 
Telephone: (408) 988-2800 
TWX: 910-338-0243 
Telex: 334421 

Call toll-free (800) 538-6477 
in California call (800) 341-6060 

Behind your investment. 

Versatec has demonstrated continued indus- 
try leadership by introducing the world's 
first electrostatic color plotter in 1982. In 
1985, Versatec announced two additional 
widths— 24 and 36 inches in our second 
generation electrostatic color plotter family. 
Versatec is the only company with a field 
proven installed base of electrostatic color 
plotter users. 

Supporting this family of products is a com- 
pany totally dedicated to electrostatic 
technology— including interfaces, software, 
electrographic supplies, service and acces- 
sories. Let us configure a plotting system 
to fit your needs. 

Versatec Electronics Limited 

5 Oxford Road 


Berkshire RG13 1QD 


Telephone: 44-635-42421 

Telex: 847159 VTECUKG 

Versatec SA 

Rue du College Saint Michel 9 

1150 Brussels 


Telephone: 32-2-771-9907 

Telex: 61286 VSCBRU B 

Versatec BV 

Strijkviertel 35 

3454 PJ De Meern 


Telephone: 31-3406-64504 

Telex: 70880 VETEC NL 

Versatec France 

Information Products SA 

4 Avenue de la Baltique BP 137 

91944 Les Ulis Cedex 


Telephone: 33-1-6 446-1414 

Versatec GmbH 

Kolpringring 18A 

D-8024 Oberhaching 

West Germany 

Telephone: 49-89-61003-1 

Telex: 897407 VETEC D 

Versatec Canada 

251 Consumers Road, Suite 802 

Willowdale, Ontario 

M2J 4T5 

Telephone: 416-494-8204 

Telex: 06 986616 

Fuji-Xerox Co. Ltd. 

2-11, Nishi-Shinjuku 3 chome 


Tokyo 160 

Telephone: 81-3-342-7481 

Telex: 781 24988 

Versatec, Versaplot, VSP, RPM and Spectrum are trademarks of Versatec, Inc. 
XEROX is a trademark of XEROX CORPORATION. 

Bulletin No. 618-1 June 1986 Printed in U.S.A.